Prince. This is the Day When Doves Cry

I can’t believe it. Prince – one of the greatest artists, singer, songwriter, actor, 7 times Grammy winner, Oscar winner – has passed away today at just 57.




I’ve listened to him since early childhood, always loved his songs & music videos (especially ‘When Doves Cry‘, ‘Cream‘, ‘Purple Rain‘, ‘Kiss‘) and dreamed of seeing him performing live someday. Now, a part of my childhood is gone with

It’s always hard to see your fave musicians, actors etc., who have been a part of your life for such a long time, go, but we can do nothing about that but bow to the inevitable…

R.I.P., the Legend! You’re gone but your music will live forever!

Prince has touched so many people: lots of well-known musicians say he influenced their music or inspired them in some way, and how many common people considered and still do Prince and his music an integral part of their lives. I am one of them. I can clearly remember when I first saw his music vids, my first was ‘Cream‘, and was instantly hooked on his music. As a child, you don’t care for looks of the artist much, what is important to you are music and interesting picture on the screen. All of that was IN EXCESS in Prince’s videos; so I became his super young admirer. Ever since, Prince’s music has been widely present in my life, especially after I saw ‘Purple Rain’ for which Prince got an Oscar in 1985. I can listen to the songs from it over and over again and never get bored. It was proved on Apr. 21 when I couldn’t stop watching Prince’s videos on VH1 for 6 hours in a row, and so watched ‘Purple Rain‘, ‘Cream‘, ‘When Doves Cry‘ and ‘Gold‘ at least 10 times each and could’ve listened to them even more if I didn’t need to go to sleep after such a hard day.

Oh, how I wish I’ve met Prince in person…but the closest I got to him was seeing his costume and guitar at the Hard Rock Cafe in Prague.

P.S. Check out our shirts’ patterns! The similarity wasn’t intended; I noticed that only when I looked at the photo after uploading it from my camera to the PC later that day:


Here’re some of my personal faves:


“I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted one time to see you laughing
I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain”

– ‘Purple Rain’


And the next song I’d like to present here – ‘Gold‘ – is one of the best feel-good songs, as for me. Always makes me happier when I listen to it. Perhaps, that’s thanks to a perfect combination of meaningful lyrics and positive and light sound. I always add it to my playlist when I need to cheer up a bit. I guess I’ll need it there for some time now…

“Everybody wants 2 sell what’s already been sold
Everybody wants 2 tell what’s already been told
What’s the use of money if you ain’t gonna break the mold?
Even at the center of fire there is cold
All that glitters ain’t gold”

– Prince ‘Gold’



It’s weird but exactly today a dove and then a young falcon were spotted sitting outside my window… Haven’t seen doves sitting on my air-conditioner outside for a while and never had I seen a falcon there, for sure! The falcon flew to my window and started crying exactly at the time of Prince’s passing, as it turned out. I’m not making this up! I’d just got home from work (that was sometime between 4-5 PM here in Kiev, and so around 10 AM in the USA) and I heard that noise, so when I went to the window to check what that was, I saw a beautiful young falcon, like this fella:

That was like some sign, really. Even though I found out about Prince not right away but only in 5 min. or so when opened People website to check the scoop, and the horrible news appeared there exactly the same moment.

So, when I got to grips, I just had to find this video and re-watch it:

***Update on Apr. 24, 2016*** Just imagine my shock when some days after his passing I found out from some article about Prince that he was flying between concerts on a plane, the name of which was ‘Falcon 990’!!!

Never seen this one before – ‘Batman’ OST:

The following video is here for a reason too; the song was also written by Prince:


Happy birthday, Michael Hutchence!

Today I want to wish a very happy birthday to one very special person for me – Michael Hutchence. The most charismatic man I’ve ever known!

Happy birthday, Michael, wherever you are!


No matter how many years pass, Hutch will forever be linked to the name INXS – the band in which he was a frontman. The guys of INXS were like brothers to him and that is still obvious to anybody who watches (especially as often as me) their official music videos and records of live performances or numerous interviews.

It happened so that I became a fan of INXS and Michael when I was just a baby. Yeah, literally. From my parents’ stories, it was around the time when “Suicide Blonde” was released, and my dad–another huge music fan who recorded for me from MTV all the music videos of the best performers of the ‘80s and ‘90s, which now are considered as classic ones– recorded INXS videos too. Somehow, I couldn’t get enough of “Suicide Blonde”. My parents still laugh remembering that time. Since then, I proudly call INXS “My forever favourite band” or just “My band”. When you are a baby, you don’t care how good-looking the band’s frontman or any of the members is, so that fact that they managed to turn me into their biggest fan at such a young age speaks volumes! That means that there was a true talent, which never declined but was always developing and getting better throughout their career. That becomes obvious when you look at how much Michael changed for the better since INXS’s garage days. Huge change. Huge!

Here’s the video that started it all for me:

Michael was a one-of-a-kind person: a Rock God on stage with unbelievable sex appeal, and an absolutely down-to-earth man off-stage (as I have been told by some of my friends who were lucky to know him). I can listen to Hutch’s voice forever, at any time or in any circumstances, and never get tired of it. Seems like the lyrics for songs he wrote by himself or in collaboration with Andrew Farriss (another exceptionally talented member of INXS) was written to make the life of every person listening to them better and more colourful. Just listen to “Never Tear Us Apart” and you’ll understand what I’m talking about:

I told you

That we could fly

‘Cause we all have wings

But some of us don’t know why


I was standing

You were there

Two worlds collided

And they could never ever tear us apart

That video… I remember how I visited all those places shown in it while I was in Prague and recreated the scenes from it for my photos, lol. I bet no tourist have seen as much as I did back then exploring those locations. That was a significantly bigger addition to a standard list of places-to-see in Prague. One of the photos taken of me on the Charles Bridge is still one of my most favourite ‘til today.


Me on the Charles Bridge, Prague

I never had a chance to meet Michael and I regret it every single time when I’m watching my “Live Baby Live” DVD (London, Wembley Stadium, 1991). I always try to imagine what it would be like to stand there in the 1st row watching Michael, Andrew, MH_WembleyGarry Gary, John, Kirk, and Tim give definitely the best performance of their lives, or hear that bit of John’s drums at the beginning of the 1st song of the gig “Guns in the Sky”, and thinking how amazing it must have been to jump to the rhythm of “New Sensation”! I always have goosebumps watching the crowd during that song!!!


Well, I can talk for hours and hours about my favourite concert DVD. But as they say, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. So, I’ll just add some special parts of it here… If you’ve watched it, today’s a perfect day to re-watch Live Baby Live, and if you have never watched this concert, well, don’t hesitate! It’ll change your criteria of gigs evaluation forever!

I guess, I was destined to become an INXS and Michael’s fan for life ‘cause I was even born just 2 days after Michael Hutchence – on Jan. 24 (but in the different year, of course), so every year I kind of begin my celebrations on Jan. 22 with listening to and watching everything favourite of INXS on Michael’s birthday and then continue having a great time on my birthday two days later

INXS 199657_355734524500865_665232960_nI’ve read some books about Michael (“Just a Man” is one of them) and it seems like I knew him personally (even though I didn’t), so many things in common. I guess, that’s an Aquarius thing. But still, I’ve always wanted to get the chance to meet or somehow communicate with the guys who occupy such an important place in my heart. Especially now that Hutch is no longer with us. And one day, fortune did smile on me – I asked a question during INXS’s questions-and-answers with fans, and my question was selected for them, I received an answer from INXS (I felt like I finally met them – in some way):


But wait! That wasn’t all: on my birthday (January 24, 2015) John Farriss (awesome drummer of INXS) wished me Happy Birthday on Twitter.


In addition to it all, I won a signed copy of Chris Murphy’s (INXS’ long-time manager) book in which he describes a lot of insider details about “my guys” – beginning of their career, Michael’s becoming one of the greatest singers of all time, and of course their work together (in combination with many interesting facts from his personal life).

INXS_book_Mariana Shevchenko

So, on his birthday, I want not only to celebrate Michael Hutchence’s life and legacy, but say a big THANK YOU for helping me become who I am today – a better and more interesting person, who has now lots of stories to tell about numerous concerts I’ve been at and some well-known people I’ve met. All because one day back then, quite a long time ago, I saw a charismatic wavy-haired man in the music video, who fascinated me and turned me into a huge music fan for life!

Happy birthday, Hutch! We love and miss you!

You are for us, your fans, forever a Rock God!


Goodbye, Ziggy Stardust…

Another great loss for the music world. So sad…

Goodbye, David Bowie. Musician. Actor. Legend.


Just a couple of days ago the world celebrated your birthday on January 8, and the release of your new, 25th, album “Blackstar”, and now we say goodbye.



Me at V&A

Even though I wasn’t lucky enough to see David Bowie perform live, I remember how excited I was to visit “David Bowie Is” – a costume exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London) in August 2013. Experience to remember: walking through the exhibition of David Bowie’s costumes, handwritten lyrics, artwork, backstage photos, etc.  while listening to his hits.

Great memories!

True music fans will understand.




david bowie-victoria and albert museum



david-bowie Costumes


As a child, I was already a huge music fan, and loved everything by Queen (songs and videos), so when I heard Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” (much later than it was recorded, but still), it became instantly one of my faves and it still is now.

Two legends, Freddie and David, have reconciled and are singing together somewhere right now.

R.I.P. David Bowie. You were one of a kind.

Here are some timeless hits:

And the very last one:

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