I’ve been a fan of ‘Sherlock’ since its first episode (aired back in 2011) and so, I’m desperately waiting for each season for almost 6 years now. Even though the seasons are released not each TV season but every couple of years!



I really enjoyed season 1 as it was close to the original Sherlock Holmes stories but with an unusual modern twist (mobile phones, Internet etc.) + well played by Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman (Dr. John Watson), but my favourite season to this day is the 2nd. Not only because there appears Sherlock’s one and only love interest Irene Adler (Lara Pulver), scenes between them are the ones to remember, but most importantly because there we see on the permanent basis Sherlock’s nemesis Jim Moriarty, played by incredibly talented Andrew Scott (in season 1, we meet Moriarty only briefly). The ‘chemistry’ between Ben and Andrew’s characters can’t be described, it should be seen!

rf11 The 3rd episode of season 2 called ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ is considered (at least, by me and everyone I know) the best one ever due to the performance of the actors, great plot, and THAT ENDING! Yeah, it made all ‘Sherlock’ fans wonder in a pleasant shock for a really long time, asking “How did he manage to do that?!


Season 3 had a nice start with numerous funny moments (John and Sherlock’s reunion, John and Mary’s wedding etc.) and even some ‘wow’ scenes – remember that meeting of Sherlock and Molly (Louise Brealey) at the beginning? 😉 source-pbsbut the ending didn’t leave me as satisfied as it had been after the previous two seasons. Thankfully, the situation saved the final small scene after the end credits with “Miss me?”!


The Abominable Bride


Then, on January 01, 2016, we got a gift from the ‘Sherlock’ creators/scriptwriters Mark Gatiss (Mycroft Holmes in ‘Sherlock’) and Steven Moffat in the form of a full-length Sherlock film ‘Abominable Bride’ in which we meet our good old friends (Sherlock, Dr. Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Mary Watson, Molly, and even Moriarty) but in 1890s London. I’ve written a review of this enjoyable movie, you can read it here, so I won’t re-write it in this article.

The Six Thatchers

Sherlock (series 4)

And now, at the very beginning of 2017, we are finally able to take pleasure in watching season 4. Ok, my impression is a tough one to describe… While watching episode 1 I thought “I can’t believe that it’s our favourite ‘Sherlock’: too little screen time allocated to solving an intriguing mystery, way too little, something like 15 minutes at most out of 90 minutes! That’s ‘Sherlock’, for heaven’s sake! How can that be? Where’s our sharp-minded detective? And what’s with this John’s cheating thing?!” Those were just some thoughts, so you can imagine my frustration after the episode 1. As for me, it’s the weakest one yet. I understand that it was necessary to somehow show Mary’s (played by Amanda Abbington) death, as it was in the book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but still, I had a feeling that something important was missing.

The Lying Detective

Then, last week, we watched episode 2 and I can’t describe how glad I was to see the ‘Sherlock’ we know and love!!! That was the plot writing we all have been waiting for, those were our favourite funny and exciting scenes, and that was a great ‘wow’-moment at the end! All I can say after episode 2 is that Mrs. Hudson truly ROCKS! Una Stubbs’ character was written brilliantly! That scene with Mrs. Hudson driving an Aston Martin in London as during Formula 1 racing and then having this dialogue: “Do you have any idea what speed you were going at?” – “Of course not. I was on the phone!” Amazing! She is THE BOSS!


The other thing I was particularly impressed with was the ending of ep. 2. I must confess, I thought that the therapist would take off a mask and that’d be Moriarty! But no Jim, just Sherlock’s sister Eurus! Surprise!!!

The Final Problem

Yesterday, January 15, 2017, I had a strong feeling that we’d see Jim Moriarty in ep. 3. My only wish was to see him not as some Sherlock’s memory or fantasy (as in ‘Abominable Bride’) but as a real character. And my wish was granted. Well, in some way. Moriarty was real…but 5 years ago. Anyway, I liked that typical ‘Sherlock’ twist with return ‘cause Andrew Scott is my super fave in ‘Sherlock’, for sure. That scene with Moriarty stepping off the helicopter to Queen’s ‘I Want to Break Free’ was EPIC! I could watch it on repeat over and over again!

I instantly remembered the good old times during season 2 when he broke into the Tower, his going to the court and the ‘Staying Alive’ roof scene. The moment I saw Andrew on screen yesterday, I knew I want to see more seasons of ‘Sherlock’ with him in them (if any will be)!

What makes ep. 3 better, in my opinion, than the previous two of season 4 is the action: we finally see breath-taking scenes, Sherlock solves ‘riddles’, makes choices, saves the people he loves – he is our Sherlock again, at last! And that is promoted in some way by a thrilling performance by the actress who played Eurus Holmes – Sian Brooke. At times, she seems as crazy as Moriarty.



The ending sequence was very sweet with some footage of other seasons. But seeing the story closing the circle with season 1 shots, in addition to showing all the important characters of ‘Sherlock’, and even Holmes parents, played by real parents of Benedict Cumberbatch, is a bittersweet moment: on the one hand, you are happy to see that everything is ok now, the story is complete, we have all (or almost all) answers to the show’s secrets but, on the other hand, you don’t want to say goodbye to our beloved show and its actors!


So, here’s my list of episodes: from WORST to BEST (in my opinion):

#12. The Six Thatchers (s04e01)

#11. The Blind Banker (s01e02)

#10. The Lying Detective (s04e02)

#9. The Final Problem (s04e03)

#8. His Last Vow (s03e03)

#7. A Study in Pink (s01e01)

#6. The Hounds of Baskerville (s02e02)

#5. The Sign of Three (s03e02)

#4. The Empty Hearse (s03e01)

#3. The Great Game (s01e03)

#2. A Scandal in Belgravia (s02e01)

#1. The Reichenbach Fall (s02e03)

Regardless of anything, no matter what season of ‘Sherlock’ we like best or don’t like that much, we will always be glad to see our Baker Street boys, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, in future!


P.S. even Kiev underground can be hacked by Moriarty; this is a photo taken there after the 3rd season…“Miss me?


© Mariana Shevchenko