On Nov. 17, 2016, a French electronic music band M83 visited my home city Kiev for the first time. That was a night to remember!


If you are a big movie fan, like me, there is a 99.9% chance that you’ve heard some M83 hits. This band’s songs are soundtracks to such box office hits, to name a few, as: Versailles (‘Outro), Kokowääh (‘We Own the Sky’), Warm Bodies (‘Midnight City’), Oblivion (‘Oblivion’), Divergent (‘I Need You’), The Fault in Our Stars (‘Wait’), 22 Jump Street (‘Midnight City’), Insurgent (‘Holes In the Sky’)…


I’d seen all the above-mentioned movies and series, loved those songs but at that time didn’t know that they were M83’s. But then, in 2015, I decided to watch new TV series called ‘Versailles’ and in just 30 sec. I fell in love with M83: their hypnotizing song ‘Outro’ was, and still is, in the opening credits alongside with beautiful graphics. I’ve written my impression of this song in the post about ‘Versailles’, you can check it out (including the opening credits video) here.

From that moment, I was dreaming of seeing these guys performing live. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long for my wish to come true. This September, new tour dates appeared and with them tickets for Kiev concert, so I, obviously, bought my ticket to the 1 fan-zone on the first day of sale.

When the day of Nov. 17 came, I was super excited and wondered what it’d be like to hear my fave M83’s songs live.


When the band walked on stage, the crowd at Stereo Plaza went wild. Taking into account that that was the first time M83 were in Kiev, such a warm welcome showed that we’d been looking forward to meeting them impatiently. I really hope the band saw how happy we were at that moment. They conquered us right from the start. I was standing in the 1st row right in front of Anthony Gonzalez, so could see everyone on stage and every element of a cosmic stage set. It looked like we all were somewhere in space: stars lit up behind the band, lasers shone all over the place changing colours with each song or a part of a song. At times, it seemed like I was at Pink Floyd concert (they also like this kind of special effects).



The sound was amazing without exaggeration: no bass overload or cut-offs. Just a clear ambisonic sound of instruments and incredible and unique voices of Anthony Gonzalez and Kaela Sinclair.

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Unlike some bands and musicians, who make their fans wait long to hear well-known hits, M83 successfully mixed songs from the new album ‘Junk’ with their songs that have been hits for a while now; so even a person who, for some reason, hadn’t learnt their new songs prior to the concert shared the excitement of the rest of us already at the 4th song – ‘We Own the Sky’. The whole gig was a great mixture of albums ‘Junk’ (2016), ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ (2011) and ‘Saturdays = Youth’ (2008), so everyone could find his/her own favourite during the 1.5 hour concert.



_iwf3rlsafaApart from great sound, special effects and beautiful songs that made us dance or cry, my heart was won over by Jordan Lawlor, who played the guitar, provided back-vocals and even sang one of the songs – ‘Walkway Blues’.

Jordan was like the Energizer Bunny! 🙂 OMG, his work with electric drums during ‘Sitting’ while dancing around them should be seen!!! He got us all jumping and dancing like crazies! And then closer to the end of the gig again with ‘Couleurs‘. My friends and I couldn’t stop discussing Jordan’s performance for quite a while after the concert.

*** The videos here and below are not mine, but you can still feel the atmosphere*


Now, several days after M83’s gig in Kiev, I can proudly say that it was one of the best concerts I’ve been at. I can still feel how songs like ‘Wait’, ‘We Own the Sky’, ‘Intro’ and ‘Outro’ took my breath away, and I still start smiling when remember our wild dancing to ‘Midnight City’, ‘Sitting’, ‘Do It, Try It’. I can’t even say that I didn’t hear some song I wanted to hear or that some song wasn’t that necessary in the setlist. Everything was just right and in the proper order – top notch!



Highest level of performance: sound quality, light effects, bunch of hits, amazing teamwork (all band members worked as one on stage during each song)! I don’t know about others but we in the 1st fan-zone had the time of our lives! М83 must be seen and heard live, for sure!


I just want to say, huge thanks, M83! As I wrote on my twitter account,

thanks for a magical concert in Kiev! I couldn’t have had a better time!

And I’m waiting for you here in Kiev again sometime soon! 😉



© Mariana Shevchenko