On Sept. 19, 2016, just 4 days after the official premiere of the new Bridget Jones movie (‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’), I was sitting in the cinema and totally enjoying every single minute right from the start.

I absolutely love the first 2 parts, so when a year ago I heard the news about the 3rd movie was in works, I got a little nervous ‘cause very often sequels don’t do justice to the original films, and the fans of Bridget were lucky already to have a pretty nice second part, but there we were – offered the third one.


Fortunately, my worries were proven to be needless just 1 minute into the new movie. That classic opening with Bridget sitting in her favourite red pajamas and listening to Celine Dion’s ‘All by Myself’ made me see – yes, our favourite Bridget is back in all her glory! I won’t write any spoilers in case you haven’t watched it yet, so I just say that it’s the same Bridget but with some new twist in every oh-so-familiar scene (including the one with ‘All by Myself’).

Honestly, when the closing credits started, I realized my cheeks hurt because throughout the whole movie I smiled and laughed so hard. There are lots of hilarious situations, which are allocated evenly in the course of the whole movie. You won’t find a boring moment even in serious episodes.


Don’t expect too much, the plot isn’t that different from the previous two parts – there’s Bridget (although, way skinnier than before), there’s Bridget’s diary (although, upgraded), there are two men fighting to be with her, there are Bridget’s friends but there is one little detail that makes nice difference – Bridget’s baby! And so, the story is based on the events that led to pregnancy + the events during it + guessing who’s the baby’s father + finding out that secret AT LAST! But be prepared that you may be changing your thoughts/guesses on who’s the daddy of the baby (Jack or Mark? / Mark or Jack?!) throughout the movie and even at the very end! 😉


It was pure joy to see all the beloved characters/actors from the previous 2 films again: Renée Zellweger (Bridget Jones), Colin Firth (Mark Darcy), Gemma Jones (Bridget’s mum), Jim Broadbent (Bridget’s dad), and of course Bridget’s 3 BFFs: Sally Phillips (Shazzer), Shirley Henderson (Jude), and James Callis (Tom). No Hugh Grant this time, but his cameo (in some way) is still present. The ‘gang’ is back! Seeing all of them made me feel like I’m meeting my good old friends. Such a warm feeling; loved that! Even though it’s been almost 12 years since the second movie, Renée and Colin still got it: they are very well accustomed to their roles, so natural and good looking, still have the chemistry; seems like there weren’t all those years in-between. I bought into the continuation of the story right away. And even though Renée isn’t as young as in the first movie, she is still charming as clumsy but clever, witty and strong in spirit Bridget Jones.



A great addition to the movie is Emma Thompson, who played Dr. Rawlings! She is wonderful, to be precise! Emma appears only in several scenes but, gosh, she is the star in all of them!!! Trust me, you’ll definitely laugh when you watch those episodes and hear her lines! Now, that’s acting!


Patrick Dempsey did a nice job playing Jack, too. Before I saw ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’, I thought he’d play another heartthrob, like on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ while trying to take Hugh Grant’s place, but no, he played a nice and funny guy without any womanizer vibes of Hugh’s character, and there was pleasant chemistry between Patrick, Renée, and Colin.

Another new character that I liked was Bridget’s new friend Miranda (played by Sarah Solemani), who works with her on a TV channel. Bridget and Miranda are the core of 80% of the funny stuff in the movie. Pay special attention to their interaction at work and at a music festival – that is something!


The soundtrack of ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ is also worth special mention. The creators of the movie again keep abreast of the popular music. There are plenty of absolute hits. I really like that all of them are added timely, enhancing the effect of particular scenes. Moreover, there’s even a cameo of a famous singer! And they even managed not only to show him but play up with the advantage of having him in the scene with Bridget and Miranda. That was amusing! Well done!


Bridget Jones movies are a magical aid when you’re feeling blue, no matter why – being single/unlucky in love, having weight problems or troubles at work. Having watched any of the parts (or all of them one after another), you’ll 100% say “hey, everything is not so bad!” What can I say, the third Bridget Jones movie is a perfect addition to the bunch! I personally can’t wait already to add the DVD (when it’s available) to my collection! And I’m secretly hoping that Helen Fielding (the author of the books about Bridget Jones) will come up with the fourth movie that’s as awesome as all the existing ones!



© Mariana Shevchenko