This year’s Eurovision Song Contest goes down in the history of Ukraine as one of the most memorable, for sure.

We won Eurovision for the 2nd time!!!


Our 1st victory was in distant 2004 after Ruslana performed her ‘Wild Dances’, and so we were waiting for long 12 years for this moment, but it was so worth it!

This year, in Stockholm (Sweden), Ukraine was represented by our beloved Jamala with a song 1944′ about the deportation of Crimean Tatars under Josef Stalin.

The song itself is very strong and in combination with Jamala’s amazing powerful voice and passionate performance, the effect was incredible. Every single time I saw that tree growing on screen during the chorus in Tatar, I had goosebumps! And so did everyone I know.


It was obvious from the very beginning that Jamala deserved the victory, obvious not only to us, as it turns out, but to many people around the world who voted for her and gave the highest scores in the grand final.

Even famous J.K. Rowling, the author of ‘Harry Potter‘, wrote on her twitter account:


The World, that means a lot to us – Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars!!!

We would have been happy for any talented performer if he/she had won yesterday, but to know that people in so many countries around the world support Ukraine is incomparable! THANK YOU ALL, EUROPE and AUSTRALIA!


My post wouldn’t be full without mentioning some of the very talented contestants representing their countries during Eurovision 2016.

1.I’d like to say that Michał Szpak from Poland impressed me a lot (and many people in the world – he was 3rd of 26 according to the televoting results in the grand final)! He really stood out against the rest of amazing performers this year due to his great voice showed in full in his song ‘Color Of Your Life‘ and his style! I dare to call Michał the most stylish artist at Eurovision 2016! So, congrats to our neighbours in Poland with entering the top 10 in the final! Check out Michał’s performance:


2. Another contestant I liked was Israel – stylish Hovi Star with a song ‘Made Of Stars‘. Great voice!


3. My another favourite was Lithuania – Donny Montell performing ‘I’ve Been Waiting for This Night‘. Such an energetic performance!


4. I really loved the song and the voice of the contestant from Australia! Dami Im, you were GREAT! And what an amazing result – 2nd place, congrats! For some time during results presenting, I thought you’re going to win and I was so happy for you! I have many friends in Australia and I know they were rooting for you so much (and Europe, too). Check out Dami’s ‘Sound Of Silence‘, it should be seen and heard!


5. Such a feel-good song from Bulgaria was this year. Loved it! It was clear that everybody in the concert hall was having so much fun, and so was the TV audience! Check out Poli Genova with a lively ‘If Love Was A Crime‘:


6. Georgia‘s Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz contrasted so nicely with others, performing their rock song ‘Midnight Gold‘. Great job!


And last but not least, I can’t skip these 3 contestants:

7. I loved the song ‘Slow Down‘ of Douwe Bob from the Netherlands. Such a nice chill-out song! Douwe’s style somewhat reminded me of Johnny Cash’s – with a guitar behind his back.


8. Great performance of Justs from Latvia with a song ‘Heartbeat‘. Such a rock-ish husky voice!



9. Of course, a fresh and funky song ‘What’s The Pressure‘ of Laura Tesoro from Belgium fit well!



Thank you all – organizers, hosts (Måns and Petra), contestants, voters and supporters all over the world and, especially, Jamala – for such a great show this year! I really enjoyed Eurovision 2016! 

Welcome to Ukraine for Eurovision 2017!