On March 03, 2016, HURTS returned to Kiev for the 4th time, this time with their new album (the 3rd one, to be more specific) “Surrender”. So, here’s my review of that gig.

The concert took place at Stereo Plaza – a Kiev club, which is often used for gigs because of its spaciousness (approx. 6 000 people). HURTS were long-awaited in Kiev, and the pic speaks for itself:


Kiev people love HURTS from the day they visited our city for the first time in April 2011. So, obviously when I arrived at the club at around 3 PM, the line of at least 30 excited fans had already been there + 30-60 people were expected to come later and enter the venue 15 min. before us ‘cause they had bought early entry tickets – a mysterious tickets that appeared long after fans, who go to HURTS concerts every time since 2011 (me included), bought their 1-fan-zone tickets, and then these early-entry tickets disappeared from sale just as fast. Mystery… but whatever. I was calm as never before and I knew that everything was gonna be fine either way. I guess, that was partially because I knew that the club wasn’t as big as the Palace of Sports, where some of HURTS’ previous gigs had been, so the scene wouldn’t be far away from the audience. So, as long as my friend and I were going to the 1st fan-zone and were more or less in the beginning of the line, we’d be somewhere close to the 1st row.

Everything turned out even better! After warming up during the crazy run – as it always is after the security starts letting people past the barriers to the venue – I managed to hand in my outerwear at the checkroom with absolutely no obstacles – there were literally no people (probably, everyone decided they had no time and would better run to the fan-zone straight away). And how surprised I was when I entered my 1st fan-zone! There were just a few people (I guess, those with early-entry tickets) standing in the 1st row, so I decided I’d stand closer to the place where Theo’s (Theo Hutchcraft – the vocalist) mic stands. I thought, even standing in the 2nd row I would have a nice view. But… There happened to be great girls (and even some guys) around me, so they let me stand in the 1st row with them!!! I adore standing there ‘cause it’s the most comfortable place at the concerts where you can lean on the barriers throughout the gig if you get tired, not even mentioning the best view. So, there I was in the 1st row and behind me were a girl and a guy, who was blocking the pressure of the crowd on us during the gig! I knew that I’d enjoy the concert in full that time!

An opening act was Brunettes Shoot Blondes – a nice Ukrainian indie-rock band. They did a great job performing all their hits, which the Ukrainian audience knew and had already liked. It was clear that they were trying to perform as awesome as they could. We really appreciated that and everyone responded with loud applause at the end of their last song.


After that was the moment we all had been waiting for so long: the Stereo Plaza was in darkness, the curtain with a word SURRENDER projected on it was lowered, and in a couple of minutes we heard an unbelievably beautiful song “Surrender”.


The excitement was tremendous; everyone started shouting, clapping, singing along at once. Theo and Adam (Anderson), as well as the band, appeared on stage, started the next song “Some kind of Heaven” behind the curtain, and then right before the chorus it was released, and we saw everyone on stage. The rest is history, as they say!


DSC05374_copyright_Mariana ShevchenkosPBUyuNlrZUYHn7xCGsEjc

The atmosphere was great: every single person in the audience knew the words of HURTS songs, so singing was non-stop! White roses were flying all over the place while Theo was throwing them during almost every song.


And there was a lot of dancing. Aww, the dancing. That day, Theo got us all jumping as never before! Especially during “Sunday” & “Better than Love“. And check out that groove during “Sandman” (thankfully, somebody at the back recorded them, so you can feel the atmosphere):

The stage with cells (or boxes) reminded me of the one used by Depeche Mode during their Devotional  tour in 1993-94 (my favourite, actually), so I was twice as interested in watching the action on stage.


By the way, a huge role played the stage lighting, which was changing for each song: red, green, blue, purple etc. and so, making every song a beautiful separate story, as it should be. The sound was great; all the musicians did a perfect job, especially Paul (the drummer), who provided the great rhythm throughout the concert, and two back-vocalists: girls made an amazing addition to the sound of the songs.


I had so much fun waving hands during “Sandman” along with the sea of hands in the Stereo Plaza, singing along as loud as I could to my favourites: “Somebody to Die for”, “Affair”, “Blood, Tears and Gold“, “Wings” (with a nice flashmob), “Rolling Stone”, “Weight of the World“, and, of course, “Wonderful Life”, “Better than Love” and “Stay”; and seeing all the flashlights around the venue during “Illuminated” was an unforgettable experience.


And here are some more vids (of 2 very significant songs) made by fans at the gig (sorry, I didn’t shoot any long vids this time because I wanted to enjoy the concert without having to constantly hold my camera):

It’s a shame there was no “Blind” and “Unspoken”. Come on, guys, how come?! Especially, taken into account that it all started with “Unspoken” back in April 2011 when it was the 1st song of the concert. So many memories!  I hope HURTS will return to Kiev soon (maybe for the 2nd leg of the tour?) and play those 2 songs too!

All in all, I had a great time! Standing in the 1st row = pure joy! Theo was, somehow, constantly standing in front of me while singing, even though it was a little to the right

that spot…

from his side, I guess, he liked that place (even sang some lines looking at me, which was such a pleasant experience – to be actually seen as me and not just as some part of the crowd as a whole).


Me in the middle (3rd from the left, with my arms stretched in front of me) the 1st row @ Stereo Plaza


Then Adam came as close as I could only hope for during “Blood, Tears and Gold” and “Affair”, playing a guitar. It was amazing to finally see him close as well ‘cause he was sitting on the other part of the stage and I saw him only more or less in the distance throughout the concert.


At that moment, I realized how much the guys changed over all these years; they are definitely getting better and better, in every sense.


1.5 hours of the concert went by so quickly, like 1 minute. That speaks volumes! When you’re having a great time, you don’t notice how the time flies.


Now, all we, HURTS admirers, can do is wait for the guys to return to Kiev as fast as they can. I, personally, can’t wait to meet HURTS again!


Hope Theo’s reaction means that the concert was the one to remember ’cause we will remember it, for sure:

The Setlist: