Can’t believe that this year it’s been 6 years already since one very special concert in my life – Depeche Mode in Kiev on February 08, 2010! Time flies!

DM_Kiev 2010_©MarianaShevchenko

It was very snowy and rather cold, thousands and thousands of Depeche Mode fans were waiting excited near the Palace of Sports, where DM would give a concert for the first time in Kiev. For me that day was twice as special because that was not only the 1st time I saw Depeche Mode live on stage, but also the very 1st time I was at a rock concert.

Sorry not sorry, university, skipping lessons that day was so worth it!

When the doors opened, I managed to run fast enough to get to the best spot closer to the stage and so, enjoyed every single song from the DM setlist. Dave, Martin, and Andy set the bar very high, and all the other gigs I’ve been at since then I compare to that one on Feb. 08, 2010 (although 3 years later Depeche Mode even outdid themselves playing at the Olimpiiskyi Stadium in Kiev – a MUCH bigger venue than the Palace of Sports – I was standing in the 1st row right in front of Dave… well, I’ll write about that concert later, on its anniversary in June).

If it happened so that you haven’t been at the Depeche Mode concert yet, don’t even hesitate and buy a ticket when they’ll go on the next tour! The atmosphere is magical, all the fans around you become your friends instantly, singing along to DM songs is amazing (especially when Martin sings ‘Home‘), and most importantly, in comparison to many other gigs I’ve been at, DM fans behave themselves super nice – no constant pressure on each other, no bruises from barriers standing in front of the 1st fan-zone, etc.

Depeche Mode concerts are 100% positive experience. Tested in practice!

The following videos are not mine-because I was enjoying the concert without constant filming on the camera-but these ones will let you feel the atmosphere: