Another great loss for the music world. So sad…

Goodbye, David Bowie. Musician. Actor. Legend.


Just a couple of days ago the world celebrated your birthday on January 8, and the release of your new, 25th, album “Blackstar”, and now we say goodbye.


Me at V&A

Even though I wasn’t lucky enough to see David Bowie perform live, I remember how excited I was to visit “David Bowie Is” – a costume exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London) in August 2013. Experience to remember: walking through the exhibition of David Bowie’s costumes, handwritten lyrics, artwork, backstage photos, etc.  while listening to his hits.

Great memories!

True music fans will understand.




david bowie-victoria and albert museum


david-bowie Costumes

As a child, I was already a huge music fan, and loved everything by Queen (songs and videos), so when I heard Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” (much later than it was recorded, but still), it became instantly one of my faves and it still is now.

Two legends, Freddie and David, have reconciled and are singing together somewhere right now.

R.I.P. David Bowie. You were one of a kind.

Here are some timeless hits:

And the very last one: