I, as millions of other “Sherlock” fans, have watched the Christmas special – “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride”. To my surprise, it wasn’t just a separate episode but a perfect link between previous seasons (exactly, ‘seasons’ not just the 3rd season) and future ones. We can see the Holmes-Watson meeting scene (1st season), this time in the 19th century setting, reference to the famous “Reichenbach Fall” episode (2nd season), actually, this has made me particularly happy because we FINALLY receive some answers to the burning question “HOW DID THEY (Moriarty and then Sherlock) DO IT?!” and, of course, there is the wind forward to where we left Sherlock in season three.

ce4d2c2bbd7579f11c30de0995e24521Having written the name of Holmes’ nemesis Jim Moriarty, I can’t leave one of my favourite “Sherlock” characters with just a brief mention, not paying special attention. Ok, let’s be honest, that’s not 100% the character but mostly an amazing actor Andrew Scott who makes all episodes featuring Moriarty absolutely fabulous! I bet, discussing the latest episode, everyone mentions Andrew’s acting at some point. Omg, I couldn’t stop laughing watching him and listening to his lines during his recreation of the roof self-shooting scene from “The Reichenbach Fall” (2012)! By the way, special ‘Thank you!’ to the writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss – you are true geniuses!!! How do you come up with all these witty phrases like in Andrew’s shooting scene: “…would a comb over work?” I really had no idea whether Moriarty would be in the special, so that totally made my day. I guess, I was beaming like crazy whenever I saw Andrew Scott on screen alongside Sherlock.

Though, it should be said that enjoying excellent humour and dynamic twists, as well as seeing our beloved characters’ appearance completely, and unexpectedly, changed (Mycroft and Molly, to mention a few!) aren’t the only impressive elements of this episode. The scenes in which the ‘bride’ Emilia Ricoletti walks in a misty maze and another one in which she stands behind John in the dark are really creepy! Perfect work!

Honestly speaking, I thought “Sherlock” episode in Victorian London would be just a typical one-off, with separate, isolated, plot, so I didn’t expect it to be such a good addition to the list of existing episodes, but it is. The writers and actors’ work is done wonderfully. I already want to re-watch “The Abominable Bride” and, in my case, it’s always been a sign of a nice movie, show, etc. And so, here we are again, waiting for 2017 and new episodes of “Sherlock”…